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IT Security

When it comes to IT security, we are sure you will agree it is one of the most important considerations a company needs to address. With IT security becoming more and more complex and in order to meet today's and tomorrow's security threats, IT security policies and settings need to have the highest standards and capabilities.

Every computer operator can and should install a security package, but when it comes to the added security a business needs this always involves additional expense. As IT security does not directly generate income, it is hard to justify it in financial terms. A Risk Analysis will directly justify your security needs and will recommend the level of added security that your company needs.

Benefits of outsourcing

By outsourcing your IT security, you will get peace of mind that all the necessary avenues of securing your system are, and will be, designed around your company's individual needs. IT security can range from firewall security through to intrusion deterrence and a Risk Analysis will determine the level of risk prevention and security that is right for your company to ensure you are safe, secure and can get on with your day to day business without the added worries of whether your security measures meet your needs.

IT security can be managed remotely, or in a combination of remote and onsite access. Projects can include your Firewall security section only, or your AV policies only or a combination of two or more of your IT security sections. With the experience and expertise of qualified engineers, outsourcing your IT security makes sense. It is often impossible and not cost effective for companies to employ a qualified IT engineer who can expertly install, configure, manage, maintain and keep up-to-date all the various complex IT security products required to protect efficiently a network.

IT security should be something that you do not have to constantly worry about and by having your IT security managed for you, you will be confident that your IT security environment will be maintained by fully trained staff with hands-on experience, to the highest level.

With ever increasing confidential information being stored and transmitted across networks, any breach of security is catastrophic for any business whether large or small. Should confidential information about customers or finances or a new product line fall into the hands of a competitor, this could lead to loss of business, law suits or even bankruptcy. Protecting confidential information is a requirement no business should ignore.

Virus protection

A software virus is a parasitic programme written intentionally to alter the way a computer operates without your permission or knowledge. A virus will attach itself to other files as a programme file or documents and will be inactive until the infected programme is run or opened. When activated, the virus may damage or delete files, cause systems to behave erratically or can even erase a hard disc. A virus may spread through email and instant messenger attachments, through infected files or by exploiting a security flaw in Microsoft Windows.

In safe hands

IT security is not an option but a necessity and, if managed properly, should be a comfort blanket that you can enjoy the benefits of without losing sleep over. With properly managed IT Security you know your business is being looked after safely and securely.

Worcester,Worcestershire and West Midlands based D&D Networks D&D took over the management of our College network several months ago and have begun to make a tremendous impact on our physical infrastructure and daily working practices. Through a wealth of experience they have been able to pre-empt any possible issues and, where equipment required immediate upgrade, have lent us a replacement until we are able to find the money to purchase, in our case a core switch. They are currently with us one day per week for one technician, but there has frequently been two technicians onsite to ensure things are running well. As Dell partners they are able to get us very competitive quotes on a range of equipment and, due to the contacts they have in the industry, have introduced us to a host of suppliers who are just as helpful and knowledgeable. D&D's pricing structure is fantastic and since replacing our outgoing Systems Administrator with them the College has saved money equivalent to a member of staff. D&D Networks based in Worcester,Worcestershire and West Midlands

David Kling, Assistant Head, Bishop Perowne Church of England College.

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