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Servers and Virtualisation

In simple terms, Computers were originally designed to run a single operating system and a single application which leaves most machines vastly underutilized and in the vast majority of cases they still work on the same principles.

With the exponential growth in processing speed, reduction in costs and wider availability and the greater demands placed upon businesses IT requirements, Virtualisation as an option has become an affordable one even for SME's in today's fast demanding web based environment.

In essence, Virtualisation is a method of setting up a series of 'virtual' machines using different operating systems utilising different applications all on one 'physical' machine.

Why Virtualisation?

This Virtualisation method enables you to run multiple different operating systems with each virtual machine sharing the resources of the one physical machine across multiple environments.

Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications all on the same physical computer providing of course that computer has the capacity to accept it and manage a series of virtual machine environments within it.

Virtualisation has become one of those buzz words in the IT industry as more companies are jumping on virtualization bandwagon. Virtualisation is not a new concept. One of the leaders in Virtualisation software is undoubtedly VMware founded in 1998 and the daddy of virtualization software the market leader with over 170,000 customers and 100% of the Fortune 100 companies that have chosen to embrace Virtualisation.

The origins of the virtualization concept go way back to the early days of IBM in the 1960's and 1970's but the introduction of the internet for global use by all businesses both large and small has seen the dramatic growth for VMware since its inception to a billion dollar conglomerate has led to other companies entering the virtualization market including open source Xen and Microsoft's Hyper-V fueling innovation and the evolution in the virtualization sector.

How does it work?

Virtualisation software when applied to a suitable x86 computer transforms the hardware including the CPU, RAM, Disk and Network Controller to create a fully functioning 'Virtual' Machine that can run various operating systems, applications just as if it was a 'real' physical stand alone computer. Each separate 'virtual' machine will contain its own system within the 'host' machine the virtualization software ensures that each virtual machine is autonomous of the host in most aspects whilst sharing some elements thereby eliminating potential conflicts.

VMware software works by inserting a thin layer of additional software directly on the host computer hardware and on the host operating system. Within this software layer exists a virtual machine monitor known as a 'Hypervisor' that allocates hardware resources dynamically and transparently.

This enables the running of multiple operating systems on a single physical computer and shares the hardware resources with each other. A simplistic analogy would be different people of different backgrounds and tastes house sharing the same building yet living independently of each other within their own space yet sharing the same bricks and mortar.

Running virtualisation software such as VMware you can safely run several operating systems and multiple applications simultaneously on a single computer with each 'virtual' machine having access to share resources as and when it needs it.

Once you have elected to take the virtualization path you will need the management tools to run the array of applications running on your virtual machines and the technical support team to fully implement your requirements and maintain your service standards.

VMware increases your capacity and scope, optimizing your IT infrastructure enabling your staff to handle more servers to more users varying needs whilst maintaining centralized control. Virtualisation puts more resources at your IT's department disposal making them more efficient and effective and above all responsive to your businesses expanding requirements.

Virtualisation can deliver a more diverse array of systems, applications and capacity whilst maintaining security and performance from the desk top to the datacenter.

Build your own datacenter

Virtualisation opens up new vistas such as building your very own virtual infrastructure of virtual machines within a series of inter connected physical computers and storage devices.

With VMware vSphere software you could create your own 'private clouds' and 'public clouds' you don't need to permanently set aside servers, devices or network bandwidth instead you can create a virtual infrastructure that are dynamically allocated and when required within your very own 'private cloud'.

You're most important applications always taking priority and always having the necessary resources at their disposal without spending money on additional hardware which for most of the time would be redundant and sitting their taking up space and investment.

If you took this a stage further why not connect this 'private cloud' to a 'public cloud' to create a 'hybrid cloud' thus affording your business incredible scalability, availability and capacity as it has never had before. Enabling your business to expand with relative ease as and when it needs to bypassing the traditional constraints of one machine one operating system and the financial barriers and logistics of traditional IT systems.

Virtualisation dispels the IT constraints upon your business from the one step process to a more organic growth system that can intuitively expand like a balloon as your business grows and can better cope with a jump in capacity requirements so that your IT doesn't hold your business back on the contrary your IT breathes new life into your business and frees you from convention with the reality of Virtualisation expansionism.

Worcester,Worcestershire and West Midlands based D&D Networks During the past four years since we have been using D&D aside from the excellent support service we have received as part of the East Stand development at Sixways, D&D managed a multiple server upgrade for around 70 users. The implementation and management of this massive project was managed excellently by D&D and thanks to the long out of hours put in, the implementation went seamlessly with minimum disruption to the business. All of this also comes at very completive rates to many of their competitors who from past experience are miles away from the service levels offered by D&D. D&D Networks based in Worcester,Worcestershire and West Midlands

Jamie Evans, Financial Controller, Worcester Warriors

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