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A Workstation is a computer which is designed for reliable user use on a day on day basis and requires to be a work horse that will provide a reliable workstation for general business use or more technical or scientific applications. When it comes to visual effects software applications, creative professionals, designers and educational institutions require the fastest most reliable workstation to guarantee the best technical support for the work in hand.

Making full use of the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems we specialise in the most up-to-date workstation technologies that eliminate the traffic jam effect many older generation platforms are susceptible to.

What we offer

D&D Network Services Ltd specialise in the production of high performance 3D graphics and rendering systems which are exclusively developed for the professional design market. We are proud of our in-depth knowledge and expertise needed in the creation of bespoke high-end workstations and completely understand the needs associated with today's creative, engineering and educational industry. We know what you want from a workstation and work with you to deliver a product that is able to produce high-quality output within minimal time scales day in day out.

D&D Network Services Ltd provide workstations which are backed by dedicated workstation technical support. We offer a high performance multi-core workstation solution that will satisfy even the most demanding user.

Our qualified and highly experienced engineers can advise on the very latest in energy efficiency processors, ultra fast hard disk sub-systems and industry certified workstation graphics. We will be happy to individually customise and upgrade your workstation platforms for your chosen software application. Keeping on top of the latest technologies is one of our highest priorities and we are constantly reviewing and recommending new product lines to ensure your system is the most efficient it can be.

Why use our workstations?

A workstation should offer a higher performance than a personal computer especially when it comes to CPU and graphics, memory capacity and multitasking capability. A workstation should be optimised for the visualisation and manipulation of different and complex data especially 3D mechanical design, animation and rendering of images, mathematical graphs and engineering simulation. A good high-end workstation will include high resolution display, graphic tablets, 3D mice for navigating 3D objects and scenes and advanced accessories and collaboration tools.

D&D Network Services Ltd strive to provide workstations that offer ultimate performance and reliability both mobile and desktop incorporating the very latest technology. We will design a workstation to meet a customer's requirements using high performance components to the most demanding specifications.

Our workstations are built to ensure maximum productivity and return when it comes to both software and hardware investment. When it comes to producing large and extremely complex models our workstations provide high-end software without limitations or bottlenecks. Whether creating drawings, depicting intricate CAD models or detailed large and complex structures our workstations will work for you to ensure maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Unique solutions

Each workstation is made to operate totally independently and offer maximum performance and high flexibility allowing the user to run several heavy applications simultaneously which includes heavy graphic application, multimedia software, integrated learning systems and curriculum-orientated programmes.

Why not let D&D Network Services Ltd discuss with your how we can design or upgrade a workstation for you to ensure your workstation provides the appropriate power to give a smooth and seamless operation and the best possible performance and reliability which will not only help boost your business but will improve creative workflow with the power and precision to drive productivity to the optimum level. At D&D we offer workstations and IT support to make your IT systems work for you.

Worcester,Worcestershire and West Midlands based D&D Networks These guys really understand what a business needs from its IT partner, a high level of quality customer care coupled with an in depth knowledge of current technology and how to relate it to our business. They give good honest and independent advice, and you cant ask for more than that. D&D Networks based in Worcester,Worcestershire and West Midlands

Pete Grayer, IT Director, Rabjohns.

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