Public Limited Companies

We provide high level consultancy for large companies where secure, accessible remote working and end-to-end connectivity are vital.


For businesses of all sizes, the key questions are:

How can I minimise downtime?
How can my staff work better?
What will make me more efficient?
How can I ensure my customers’ data is safe?


We can improve the speed and quality of your connections, bonding broadband lines together and building resilience into your wireless connection by plugging in other types of technology to give you back up if wireless fails.

Remote working

Making sure your workforce can access applications and systems across different divisions and between countries is a must. With our knowledge of compliance requirements in various regions, we can ensure global access, security and authentication, data storage and fast retrieval in the event of a disaster.

Communication infrastructure

We design entire communication infrastructures for buildings – with scalability and flexibility at their core. We can segregate parts of the network, install IT telephony systems, recommend LAN and VLAN usage and implement unified communication systems integrate video, audio, data and mobile.


SonicWall provides powerful protection against ransomware and email threats. It filters traffic in and out of your network, analysing it for threats and blocking dangerous files or emails before they reach your network.

We’re partners with major IT providers – including Microsoft, Apple, SonicWall and Google – and can recommend and implement applications that keep you connected, secure and working.

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Major partners - Microsoft, Apple and Google

SonicWall security and protection

Global access, security and authentication

Resilient, robust applications