Wireless Surveys & Design

At D&D Network Services, our Wireless Site Surveys are tailored to ensure your network delivers optimal coverage and performance.

We employ advanced tools and techniques to meticulously assess your site’s RF environment, identifying potential sources of interference and ensuring that the wireless coverage meets the specific needs of your space. Whether you’re setting up a new network or optimising an existing one, our surveys provide a detailed analysis to support effective planning and deployment. We focus on delivering a seamless wireless experience that supports not only current demands but also scales for future needs.

Network Design

Our Network Design services are centred around creating robust and scalable wireless networks tailored to the specific requirements of your business. At D&D Network Services, we understand that every organisation is unique. That’s why we take a customised approach to network design, considering factors such as your physical environment, user density, and application requirements. We design networks that are not only resilient and secure but also optimised for high performance across all devices and applications. Our strategic planning ensures your network infrastructure is future-proof, adapting to evolving technologies and growing business needs.

Spectrum Analysis

Spectrum analysis is crucial for maintaining an interference-free wireless network. D&D Network Services provides comprehensive spectrum analysis to identify and resolve any frequency interferences that can impact network performance. Using state-of-the-art tools, our experts analyse your wireless environment to detect a range of issues, from simple RF interference to more complex problems like device malfunctions or unauthorised transmissions. This service ensures that your wireless network operates at peak efficiency, providing reliable and consistent connectivity essential for your business operations.



Each of these services is designed to provide you with a reliable, high-performing wireless network that supports your organisational goals and day-to-day operations. At D&D Network Services, we are committed to delivering excellence and innovation in all aspects of wireless network planning, implementation, and management.