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Backup & Disaster Recovery

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IT Consultancy

Expert IT solutions for

your school or business

We build robust and efficient packages that keep your data safe, your systems secure and your people working.


We offer a wide range of solutions for different sectors:

We offer the best IT solutions with over 25 years’ experience

We know that different customers require different skills. We scope every project at the outset to deliver the most appropriate services.

Cyber Security

Our cyber security services proactively protect your school or business from the inside out and safeguard against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

We use top of the range monitoring tools to make sure your server infrastructure is running without any interference. This is all monitored by our helpdesk support team.

Onsite Engineer SLA visits

With regular visits from our onsite field engineers, we ensure that your IT infrastructure is running smoothly and tackle any physical technical issues that might arise.

Remote Helpdesk Support

Our remote IT helpdesk service is perfect for businesses or schools who need a quick and efficient response when technical issues arise.

Our Partners

Who we support

We provide contracted services and support to SME’s and Education.

Frequently asked questions

What areas do you cover?

We cover all over the West Midlands in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Birmingham. We also consider all areas of the United Kingdom, as we currently look after some businesses in London and Manchester.

Why should I choose D&D Network Services?

We are a dynamic, diverse team who will offer nothing but the best support. We have a great outlook because we enjoy what we do. We want to build relationships with our customers that last, so we endeavour to keep our customers happy and their organisations secure.

What are your service desk’s opening hours?

Our service desk is open Monday to Friday. Our phoneline operating hours at 8am to 5:30pm.

Who do I contact?

Contact our sales teams at or call us on 0330 606 2650