About us

We’re based in Worcester and provide a range of services for small businesses, not-for-profit organisations and PLCs around the country.

As well as providing solutions for SMEs, we’re also specialists in education and work with schools, colleges and academies of all sizes, providing a range of services from IT consultancy and training to full infrastructure design and installation. (We’re a Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller and we all hold valid DBS certifications).

We’re a relatively small team, but we have expertise and a great approach.

Different customers need different skills and have different requirements. Every project is fully scoped at the outset so that we deliver exactly what’s needed.

Remote working has become more and more important for companies of all sizes. The world is getting smaller and people travel frequently between divisions and countries so it’s vital they can access the same systems and applications as staff back in the office.

Our understanding of different countries’ compliance requirements means we can implement the most efficient and compliant remote working applications, and set up encryption, authentication and secure data storage.

As long as there’s an internet connection, we can keep you working.

About us