Back-up and Disaster Recovery

Back-up and disaster recovery are intrinsically interlinked. When one is up-to-date, robust and efficient, the other is easier to manage.

Back-up Solutions

Many of our solutions incorporate secure back-up as well as providing access to apps and data across many different locations and fast operational recovery in the event of a critical system failure.


Tools like Azure and SonicWall encrypt data and analyse information and traffic, giving you protection against malware and ransomware. They’re secure and reliable – and together they allow you to fulfil your legislative requirements for data retention whilst guarding against downtime.


The only difference between a virtual server and a physical server is the location. But when data is held online, you can access it no matter what happens to your physical premises

Disaster Recovery Action Plan (DRAP)

We can review your systems and procedures and create a DRAP, a step-by-step guide that sets out how you can recover if you have a system failure.


Everything we implement, install or recommend is designed to minimise the possibility of a disaster. But unfortunately, there isn’t a single piece of technology that can guard completely against the unexpected happening – so no matter how robust your systems are, a back-up plan is always advisable.


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Why you need a backup solution for Office 365: Microsoft 365 mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint.


There’s a common misconception that Microsoft fully backs up Office 365 mailboxes and files stored within OneDrive and SharePoint Document libraries as part of the subscription, but this is not the case.


Microsoft doesn’t provide native options to back up Office 365 data


Microsoft is responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure and ensuring Microsoft 365 works, but it’s the customer’s responsibility to protect its Microsoft 365 data – mailboxes and files stored within OneDrive or

SharePoint Document Libraries.


Microsoft cannot help with unexpected data loss or damage Having a solid backup solution in place ensures that even if mailboxes or files disappear from the network or are rendered useless, you have access to a backed-up copy, eliminating problems or repercussions that could arise from the missing data.


Problems with accessing and searching data


Without a single backup location for a company’s content, this data cannot be protected and stored centrally for easy access, searching and recovery.

To avoid risk, you therefore need to back up your Microsoft 365 / Office 365 data.


Offsite Storage (Cloud Storage)

We are proud to be an official partner of Wasabi which we use for our customers offsite back-ups incase anything to the onsite storage device (hard drive, external storage etc).