Back-up and Disaster Recovery

Back-up and disaster recovery are intrinsically interlinked. When one is up-to-date, robust and efficient, the other is easier to manage.

Back-up Solutions

We provide secure back-up solutions that allow the user to access apps and data from various locations, and fast, operational recovery in the event of a critical system failure. Azure and SonicWall are reliable and secure tools that work to encrypt data and analyse information, giving you protection against malware and ransomware. Together, these tools allow you to fulfil your legislative requirements for data retention whilst guarding against downtime.

Disaster Recovery Action Plan (DRAP)

We can review your systems and create a DRAP: a step-by-step recovery guide that details how to recover if you have a system failure. Everything we install is designed to minimise the possibility of a disaster; however, no technology can safeguard completely against unexpected – this is why we recommend having a robust back-up in place. Our solutions endeavour to keep your data backed-up and secure to give you peace of mind, even during a disaster.

Why you need a back-up solution for Office 365

There is a common misconception that Microsoft fully backs-up Office 365 files within OneDrive and SharePoint libraries…this is not the case.


Microsoft is responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure – and ensuring Office 365 works – but the customer is responsible for protecting their own data.


Without a back-up location, this data cannot be protected and stored centrally for easy access and recovery. To avoid this risk, you need to back up your Office 365 data.