Cloud Access and Remote Working

We make sure your teams can pick up and work from anywhere in the world.

Microsoft Office 365

With suites like Office 365, you can access any application on any device wherever you are in the world, making your business more efficient, more available and more flexible.


The main benefit of moving to the cloud is up-time – there are no power failures, and you won’t have a Windows update knocking things out or slowing things down. As long as you’re connected, your teams can do their jobs. 


The cloud also stores your data securely so it’s retrievable, even if you have a critical systems failure back at head office.

Cloud Access - SharePoint, CRM, VPN connections and more...

Cloud access is ideal for all types and sizes of organisation – perfect if you have a disparate sales team or where remote working is the nature of your business.


Your people can access the software they need, when and where they need it, even for internal applications like intranets and bespoke CRM systems.


Users, locations and devices are all taken into account. Logins and authentications are safe, secure and robust.


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