Communincation Infrastructure

Your communication infrastructure drives your organisation. Without connectivity, wireless networks, switches, network cables, telephony and fibre optic lines, a modern business can’t function.


Connectivity – the most important part of your business?

We design entire communication infrastructures for buildings, taking into account current and future configuration, capacity and security, segregating different areas to keep them secure. For example, we can ensure that certain parts of your network remain unexposed to the public WiFi or are accessible only to certain members of staff or departments.


We also install IT telephony systems with LAN and VLANs that prioritise traffic on the network and reduce the possibility of interference between systems.

High speed internet access and wall-to-wall connectivity is vital, particularly if you’re backing up to the cloud or using virtualization to run your business. Broadband lines can be bonded together to give high speeds, and we can build resilience into your wireless connection by plugging in other types of technology to give you back up if wireless fails.


Our support packages will also monitor your internet connection to prevent and address any downtime. With everything going into the cloud, the internet connection is vital otherwise no one can do their job.

Improving business efficiency

Secure and segregated networks

High speed internet and robust connectivity

Building in resilience from the start

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