Cyber Essentials Qualified?

D&D Network Services can get your business certified under the cyber essentials scheme.

What is the cyber essentials scheme?

If your work has any crossover with the UK government, you’ve probably heard the words ‘Cyber Essentials’ mentioned at some point.

In 2014, the British government recognised the enormous risk posed by cyber-attacks to organisations working with their departments as suppliers and partners.

They also recognised that most of these risks could be avoided by following a set of basic security measures.

In response, they launched the Cyber Essentials scheme. This scheme ensures a standard level of cyber security across all their suppliers

We offer the Cyber Essentials scheme for your organisation.

Today, Cyber Essentials certification is required for government contracts and, increasingly, for tender in other fields. But more than that, certification is an investment in the future and security of your business.

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