Door Security Access Systems

We are trained Paxton Security installers and can install wide range of Door Access controllers within your organisation. 

D&D Network Services professionally installs top of the range door security access systems. Working along with Paxton who are one of the top leading door security manufacturers, we provide top of the line products to keep your organisation secure.

Access control systems includes a range of technical solutions to a single problem, the need to allow the free flow of auhtorised people whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors.

We can tailor the equipment you need for your building to keep it simple and highly secure, by excluding trespassers and walk-in thieves, access control helps prevent the loss of stock and personal possessions, increasing the safety of employees and protecting sensitive information. 

Paxton’s software is user friendly and flexible which is managed from a central PC and can be administered on multiple machines by using authenticated user log-in’s. 


We are experienced in systems that utilise all types of reading technologies such as magnetic stripe, proximity, smart cards from RFID & Mifare and biometric solutions. 

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