IT Training

We offer IT training to all of our customers on various of platforms. 


We provide a thorough training service that will give your organisation an understanding on how the IT software that they use work, hosting multiple sessions onsite and remote. 

Our Courses

Microsoft Teams


We provide training on Microsoft Teams. 


What do we cover?


  • Introduction to Teams
  • Chat Functionality 
  • Meetings Functionality 
  • Creating Teams / Class
  • Understanding Channels and links to SharePoint
  • File Sharing 
  • Understanding Permissions within Channels and Files Sharing

Microsoft SharePoint

We provide training on Microsoft SharePoint. 

What do we cover?


  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • SharePoint Navigation 
  • SharePoint Libraries and Permissions
  • Creating files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) and Sharing them with internal and external users and understanding the permissions that is sent with the document. 
  • How SharePoint is linked to Teams 
  • Explanation the importance of GDPR using certain document sharing settings and understand how the data does now leave your organisation. 

Microsoft Windows 10 (End User)


We provide training on Microsoft Windows 10. 


What do we cover?


  • Introduction to Windows 10
  • Navigating around Windows 10
  • How to set up/use Audio Devices
  • How to attach multiple screens to one desktop and organise the screens. 
  • How to use File Explorer and it’s Features 
  • Personalisation of desktop, start menu tiles, task bar. 
  • How to use Microsoft Apps: Mail, Maps, Edge, People, Calendar and Weather features. 

And more training services can be provided...

If there is something you are looking for and can’t find it here, don’t hesitate into contacting our sales team, we can assist you the best way we can and provide you with appropriate training that is required for your organisation.


Our team has knowledge with different software and we can sure find someone on our team to provide your team with professional training.