Security and data storage

Everything we do is designed to keep your data safe and your systems secure.


With legislation like the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and the Network and Information Systems directive coming into play, businesses of all sizes and across all industries have a vested interest in keeping their data, and therefore their customers, safe.

The regulations apply to companies that deal or trade with EU countries and offer goods and services to people who live in the EU – so they’ll affect UK companies even after Brexit.

Firms can face huge fines if they don’t comply – in the case of the NIS, it’s important that you put safeguards in place to protect your business against cyber attacks.


We’re SonicWall partners and extensively trained to implement solutions that protect against ransomware, email-borne threats and attacks. SonicWall filters all traffic in and out of your network, analysing it for threats and blocking dangerous files or emails before they reach your network.

A simple firewall just doesn’t cut it anymore – you have to protect your network and so every solution we recommend has security at its core, whether that’s through virtualization, upgrading your communication infrastructure or making sure your remote workforce can access the applications they need to, securely, wherever they are in the world.

Data storage

Security and data storage sit hand in hand, whether you choose to go hardware or cloud-based. How and where you store your data also has an impact on the speed, efficiency and performance of your systems – and how quickly your business can get back up and running in the event of a disaster.

With tools like Azure SharePoint and OneDrive, your applications and data can be stored, accessed, moved, shared and backed up securely.

We build in scalability and flexibility – as new features and updates become available, they’ll be installed as part of our ongoing IT Support packages.

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